This morning I saw a video of an incident between a car and a motorcycle in California. In the video, a biker appears to try to kick the car at highway speeds and moments after, the car responds by swerving wildly, an act that could have easily killed the biker.

As of now, no one knows who started the altercation and frankly, it doesn’t really matter. What matters (in my opinion) is the current state of affairs where people think it’s ok to take disproportionate actions when they are slighted. Sure, the biker might have been in the wrong and certainly needed to stop his aggressive actions. However, that does not justify the even more violent reaction from the car driver, which ended up injuring the passengers of the white truck, although miraculously no one was seriously hurt or killed.

I’ve ridden everywhere across America, Canada, Mexico and most of Europe as a private citizen and also as a representative of a major bike brand. A small piece of advice? Never, ever try to go toe to toe with a car, even if they clearly deserve it. Skill and speed may get you out of trouble some of the time, but getting clipped by several tons of metal will most likely end your riding career and perhaps even your own life. Call the police, ask for help, follow at a distance and take pictures or video, but don’t expose yourself. Your family and your bike will thank you.